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Obligo is an international investment management company with an established institutional investor platform and a primary focus on investing in and managing real estate in the Nordic region. As at Q2 2016, the company was managing NOK 36 billion in assets, distributed among around 30 investment companies. Further, Obligo is managing real estate companies holding approximately NOK 26 billion in property assets. Obligo is also managing investment companies in the shipping, private equity and infrastructure sectors valued at approximately NOK 10 billion as at Q2 2016.

The company is led by a highly experienced team of specialists in capital management, project financing, structuring, analysis, corporate finance, investor relations and risk management.

Obligo has around 40 staff and the head office is situated in Oslo. The company also has offices in Stockholm and New York.


Obligo aims to be leading within investment and management of Nordic real estate. The company concentrates exclusively on professional and institutional investors.

Thorough analysis, clearly defined objectives and a proactive management approach are the keys to good returns for investors, and lie at the heart of Obligo’s management strategy. The investment analyses for all managed investment companies are continuously evaluated by reference to applicable capital and management strategies.


Our philosophy is based on proactive management and a constant focus on operational improvements in accordance with the strategic plan and investment mandate for each investment. The experience we have acquired over many years indicates that proactive management and a strategic vision are crucial for the achievement of good results.

At Obligo, we identify investment opportunities in key markets where attractive risk-adjusted returns can be expected. Our team is thoroughly equipped to conduct the required analyses, including detailed investment analyses based on local insight. We also collaborate with local investors, managers and advisers as needed. Our cooperation structures are designed to generate added value going beyond the benefits imparted to our investments by the experience and credibility of our staff and investor base.

We invest in fully capitalised investment companies with appealing debt-to-equity ratios. Our investments target attractive, but realistic, return prospects where our staff see opportunities to improve capital growth further by utilising their experience and understanding of different investment classes, industries and markets.


Obligo is wholly owned by Obligo Holding AS, which in turn is owned 100 % by Blackstone Real Estate Funds which is part of Blackstone, one of the world's leading investment firms. Blackstone is listed in the US.


Obligo offers investors an integrated management concept based on professional expertise, international experience and the ability to create investment opportunities. Obligo is a complete provider of management services for clients’ direct investments. These encompass everything from the development and implementation of investment projects to ongoing reporting.

Obligo is also responsible for general meetings, board representation and ongoing follow-up of shareholders in its investment companies.