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Predictability, opportunity-focused, diversity and integrity


At Obligo, we always seek to practise and promote optimal corporate governance in accordance with applicable standards and practice. Our business model has adopted robust business ethics and core values as the basis for decision processes and day-to-day commercial activities.

Obligo’s business reflects the following core values:


Obligo prepares quarterly reports which provide a correct, balanced and clear investment valuation. When dealing with Obligo, investors always know what they get: no surprises, just hard work and good results.


Obligo is always seeking to generate new opportunities for its investors. Obligo’s staff have the ability and will to react more quickly than competitors while remaining highly focused on risk factors and returns.


Obligo seeks to maintain access to a diverse range of expertise and skills, to ensure that all its decisions are based on thorough, well-founded evaluations.


Obligo aims to meet the highest standards of commercial integrity. Investor confidence is vital to the company, and a crucial success factor. Obligo always puts investors first.