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Terms and conditions

Obligo, Org. No. 998 496 497, is the publisher of www.obligoim.com.

Intellectual property rights concerning the information on the Obligo website

All persons or companies with access to this website must comply with the existing intellectual property right regarding the information on the Obligo website. These rights belong exclusively to Obligo or its suppliers of information or other sources. Users have no rights to this information whatsoever. The users' sole right is the use of the information for personal and non-commercial use. All other use is prohibited, such as sale or distribution on private websites or by other means.

Liability for the use of information on the Obligo website

Nothing on the website should be construed as a solicitation or recommendation to acquire or dispose of any given investments or to engage in any other given transactions. Relevant and specific professional advice should always be obtained before making any investment decision. These webpages may not serve as a base for such decisions. Making investment decisions always involves risk-taking and the customer on his own responsibility makes every such decision independently.

Obligo will use reasonably efforts to obtain information from sources, which it believes to be reliable. However, Obligo makes no representation or warranty (neither expressed nor implied) that the information contained on its website is accurate, reliable or complete. This is due to the nature of the information, some which is partially delivered by Obligo's suppliers, but also because of the large quantity and the need for quality of the information as well as technical risks that may occur. The user may not hold Obligo, its suppliers or its other sources liable for any incorrect information or any other problems that may arise from the use of the information on the Obligo website.  

The user of Obligo website, choice of law and jurisdiction

Disputes pertaining to this website shall be resolved in accordance with Norwegian law and courts as sole competent jurisdiction. Should there be any differences between the understanding of the Norwegian and English version of these terms and conditions, the Norwegian version gains precedence.

Any breach of these conditions may be legally pursued.